Drowning in Grief and Feeling Alone?

Rise Above: Transform Your Loss
Into Purpose and Passion

Rise Above: Transform Your Loss Into Purpose and Passion

Join a tribe who understands. Embrace your journey, and reignite your life’s purpose.


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Hi, my name is Maya.

Over the years, I’ve gained a lot of experience with turning one’s passion into a business and running it successfully with several businesses I’ve run successfully. 

My methods have helped so many people find peace, purpose and even happiness at various stages in their lives, especially those who suffered some type of loss and want to live purposefully.

The healing journey took several years with therapy, spirituality, and finding my true self, path and purpose. 

Part of that path was voicing my truth, whether people wanted to hear it or not.

It became a mission, to help other those who are grieving some type of loss find themselves again, speak their truth and turn their loss into a means for creating an impact on others through guidance, readings, meditations and support. 

After working with numerous clients, there’s one thing I’ve seen that keeps people stuck in grief and loss, feeling aimless and hopeless… 

The inability to channel their grief into reclaiming their passion and purpose. 

Without finding a purpose, they spend years (sometimes decades) stuck, depressed, hoping from one job to the next, trying to volunteer, etc. 

But if they are able to channel their grief into their pre-grief passion or find a new passion they’d forgotten about, they can find their purpose and make an impact.

With everything experienced, inspiration and the discovery that there are no boundaries or limits if we don’t place them there was transformational.

You might be thinking… readings? Woowoo? 


From Heartbroken to Wholeness

Reclaim your passion and purpose after experiencing a life-changing loss

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“Working with Maya Manseau is a privilege I’ll always be incredibly grateful for. Not only does Maya provide guidance and encouragement around professional development matters, but she also does so with heart.

I can’t adequately state how much her wisdom, intellect, professionalism, and love have helped me, not only in each of the businesses I own and run but also in my personal life. I cannot recommend Maya, her guidance, and her heart enough. Anyone who has a chance to work with her is incredibly lucky and will see changes in their professional life guaranteed, and in their personal lives by extension. Maya is all heart and all brains, and anyone would be lucky to have her and that combination on their side!”

Josh Simonds

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Contact Maya

Do you want to book Maya on your podcast, or have more questions?

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