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From Maya:

With two decades of experience as an entrepreneur mentoring small business owners, and as a grief guide, helping individuals navigate loss, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to share my insights and inspire others.

In my talks, I share personal stories, thoughtful conversations, and soulful guidance to help your audience navigate grief, rediscover their purpose, and build an intentional life that they’re truly proud of.

When you invite me to speak at your event I’m committed to delivering an impactful and thought-provoking message that deeply resonates with your audience.

If you are a fellow entrepreneur or creator who wants to educate, inspire, and initiate positive change in your audience, feel free to reach out!

I'm Available For:

I'm Available For:

Some of My Most Requested Topics are...

Designing a Business Path that Works

Finding Purpose After Loss

Designing Life After Leaving A Career

Book Me to Speak at Your Event

Book a Reading

Want to make sense of whatever you’re moving through in your life right now?

Whether you’re dealing with a significant loss, stuck at a crossroads, or craving a deeper knowing of your purpose, a spiritual Oracle reading can help you gain clarity and open your soul to new pathways and possibilities.

When I do a reading, I rely on my intuition to channel the divine guidance and wisdom of the Universe to give you an elevated perspective on your current experiences and provide insights into the steps you can take to progress in your journey.


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