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Navigating grief isn’t a linear path. In the ebbs and flows of this healing journey, we’ve always been advised to “make peace” with it.

At She Creates Peace, we choose a radically optimistic and transformational approach to grief. We’re here to help you heal the invisible scars in your heart not by merely surviving, but by thriving.

This is a space where you rewrite your story by embracing grief as your greatest teacher, acknowledging its profound lessons, and leaning into its transformative power.

Through programs, readings, meditations, and unwavering support, She Creates Peace becomes your sanctuary. Here, you are seen and supported as you receive the tools and guidance to rediscover yourself, speak your truth, and transmute your loss into an intentional future where peace, purpose, and joy naturally intertwine.

Hi, I'm Maya Manseau

I Help Individuals Navigating Loss Alchemize Their Grief Into Inner Peace, Newfound Purpose, And An Intentional Life.

Losing Lindsay

Grief came knocking on my door when I lost my beautiful 23-year-old daughter, LIndsay, to leukemia – just six months after her wedding.
Witnessing my young daughter lying on her deathbed, just when she was about to get her life started, was undoubtedly the most heart-wrenching and emotionally confusing ordeal I’ve ever faced as a mother.

In the days following her last goodbye, life froze.
I spent every waking hour curled up on my recliner with tears streaming down my face, a crushing weight on my chest, crippling numbness, and a fog of depression, clouding my mind.

"I will be ok someday,
just not today"

Around two months into processing my grief, one of my dear friends sat me down and told me something that pulled me out of the abyss and gave birth to my next chapter of life.

She said to me, “You’ve got to change your thinking, Maya.”

From “I’m never going to be okay again” to “I will be okay someday, just not today.”

Despite the foggy and unreceptive state that I was in, this made so much sense to me.

I realized that I was responsible for my own grief.

It was up to me to change my thoughts and get myself off this place.

Slowly, I began picking up the pieces of my heart, questioning myself, my truth, and my purpose.

And in that journey, I discovered a calling to live my life with intention despite the depths of despair I was in.

Finding My Peace

During Lindsay’s final days in the hospital, she shared something profound with me…

“Bliss,” she said, “is the moment that makes you smile.”

As time passed, her words lingered… guiding me to discover the simple pleasures in life.

It did not take long before finding joy became my way to honor Lindsay.

Those very last profound words she said to me became my mission – To create joy for myself and everyone that I can.

Eventually, through this simple pleasure of following my joy, contentment, and connection to others, I found my way to peace.

And that’s how She Creates Peace was born –- a space where I now help others move through their grief while honoring their loved ones and building an intentional life.


The Small Business Path

Life’s too short to be doing something that you don’t love.
Let’s revive your spirits and realign your purpose to the dream life that you envision!

Through intuitive readings, tried-and-true business insights, and soulful guidance, The Small Business Path is designed to help you tap into your inner dreamer, find the pathway to your divine purpose, and build a compass for long-term success, fulfillment, and prosperity in your business and life.

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The 1-Day Intensive allows you to channel your grief into a path of purpose. This 1-Day Intensive is comprised of guidance, readings and support, you can get there faster.

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Transform your loss into a path of purpose and passion. Dive into the 10 week course designed to find your higher self, spark creativity and create fulfilling impact. 

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